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Mid Cheshire

Apiary meetings, marked *, are held at the apiary concerned and begin at 7pm

Attendees must be adequately protected with a veil, ankle protection etc.

The current branch programme is as follows:-

Branch Programme 2017

09/01/2017  AGM

06/02/2017  (Speaker t.b.c.) -Treatment of allergic reaction to bee stings

06/03/2017  Pete Sutcliffe -The hive as a superorganism

03/04/2017  Mark Phillipson - Preparing bees for rape and heather

08/05/2017  *2 Frandley Brow Cottages CW9 6LD

05/06/2017  *Lach Dennis

03/07/2017  *Kerway House  CW6 9DB

07/08/2017  Beginners meeting

04/09/2017  Brian Durk - Bees and elephants

02/10/2017  Branch honey show

06/11/2017  Julia Hoggard - Defence of the hive

04/12/2017  Christmas social event


All members of Cheshire Beekeepers will be welcome to ALL Mid Cheshire Branch meetings