* These are outdoor Apiary Meetings at which veils should be worn and start at 2pm unless stated otherwise.

The current branch programme is as follows:-


 Branch Programme 2017

11/01/2017  Bring, buy and Sell bee equipment.

08/02/2017  AGM and Beekeepers Question Time.

08/03/2017  Graham Royle - Confessions of a Bee Inspector.

12/04/2017  Stuart Hatton - Forage, Collection and It’s Use by the Colony.

13/05/2017  *Apiary meeting, Whitely Green, Graham Royle. 2-4pm

24/06/2017  *Apiary meeting, DB Nursery, Hyde, Ian Molyneux. 3-5pm

22/07/2017  *Apiary meeting, Woodbank Park, Roy Brocklehurst. 2-4p

date tbc        Preparation for the Show. (Beginners).

13/09/2017   Frank Hilton - In it for the Bees. Bee Improvement.

11/10/2017   David Buckley - Queen Rearing in a Honey Bee colony.

09/11/2017   Lesley Jacques - Bee Photography.

11/11/2017   Branch Honey Show.

13/12/2017  Hot Pot Supper or Meal Out. 

For more information  about North Cheshire branch activities please visit our website

 Branch Programme 2017

08/01/2018   Beginner’s Course -  The venue is Aquinas College, Stockport and runs from 7 - 9pm for 9 weeks. This course is in three parts for details see item in News

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